Full Cold Moon in Gemini Ritual Tools

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"The Power of Thoughts"

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Full Cold Moon in Gemini: the Power of Thoughts
On December 18, 11:35 PM ET, the last Full Moon of the year takes place at 27°28’ of the sign of Gemini.

This Full Cold Moon will inspire us to question our perception of reality, change how we habitually communicate with others, and work on mastering our thinking patterns.

Also, when the Moon is in Gemini, our emotional security is tied to our learning processes: increasing our knowledge and understanding of topics we are passionate about gives us a sense of safety and comfort.

Emotional processing will tend to happen quickly and through the rational mind: we deal with our feelings logically, and we have a chance to gain a better understanding of our emotional dynamics.

This Full Moon could represent a pivotal step in our learning process, allowing us to become aware of something we were previously unconscious of.

To help and assist you on your journey, we have special Full Moon Ritual tools:

There is both a guided meditation audio and a printable ‘Power of Thoughts’ journal that have been channeled for this Full Moon in Gemini.

These ritual tools carry within them the energy of the moment and align with the message of this Moon!

May this Full Moon hold all of the lessons, blessings, and opportunities that your soul needs during this time.

Sending Blessings & Love your way,

The Moon Omens Team