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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Journey of Embodiment
On November 19, 03:57 AM ET, the Moon at 27°14’ of Taurus opposes the Sun in Scorpio: we witness a potent Full Moon in Taurus which is also a partial Lunar Eclipse.

This Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is a time to understand what is empowering us and what is not, where we may strive for more self-sufficiency, and when it is appropriate to allow vulnerable interaction with another to change us.

During these days, we will work on our relationship with wealth, abundance, and sensuality.

We will learn lessons around trust, vulnerability, intimacy with self and others, and become more aware of power dynamics and patterns of control and possessiveness.

Some degree of suspicion and selectivity around where we get help and support from is likely to emerge.

We will explore how to establish connections and agreements that are mutually beneficial and enriching, without any part taking advantage of the other.

This is a powerful time to slow down before we speed up. To discern our next steps and allow the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse to illuminate the path ahead. The clarity you need for your journey is here for you.

To help and assist you on your journey, we have special Full Moon Ritual tools:

There is both a guided meditation audio and a printable ‘Journey of Embodiment’ journal that have been channeled for this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus.

These ritual tools carry within them the energy of the moment and align with the message of this Moon!

May this Full Moon hold all of the lessons, blessings, and opportunities that your soul needs during this time.

Sending Blessings & Love your way,

The Moon Omens Team