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New Moon Solar Eclipse
On June 21 a rare Annular Solar Eclipse is taking place: it will last approximately six hours. The Moon, transiting between the Earth and the Sun, will cover the Sun completely: when their alignment becomes perfect, only a ring of fire will be visible from our perspective.

This is a time like no other. We are in the midst of the great storm. Storm that brings awakening and power back to everyone of us.

We are now more than ever are being invited to follow the omens to understand what the Universe is showing us.

Omens are the language of the Universe and in order for us to be able to understand our individual life paths and how we can serve the collective better, we have to dive deep and explore. We have to go out and experience. Then we have to come back home to the inner stillness and integrate.

We have to find our personal legends by following the omens, the language of the Universe.

To slow down and allow ourselves to feel everything so very deeply is crucial.

This is a time for a deep work within, because what we choose to think, what paths we choose to walk, what intentions we choose to set during this Solar Eclipse is going to reflect back in the next six months.

This is a time where we have to stay grounded, and through self-awareness and rituals tap into the power we all have inside of us.

The power which allows us to decode and understand the omens within, and the omens that surrounds us so that we can walk our paths towards our personal legends.

To help you harness the energy of this New Moon Solar Eclipse, we created special New Moon Solar Eclipse Ritual tools:

Guided Meditation Audio & Printable Self-Reflection Journal with powerful insights, guidance & profound questions to help you step into your own divinity.

Let's embrace this energy together. Only by taking care of ourselves first we can raise the collective consciousness and create a world of unconditional love, peace and joy.

We are one. We are infinite love!

Sending Blessings & Love,

The Moon Omens Team