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New Moon in Virgo: Holistic Harmony

On September 6, 8:51 PM ET, the Moon and the Sun meet at 14°37’ of the sign of Virgo and a new lunar cycle begins.

If we consider the natural order of the Zodiac wheel, Virgo comes after Leo and before Libra. Leo represents the ripest expression of the individual ego: during this stage of development, we become aware of our specialness.

Through Virgo, we take a step back, and realize what can still be refined, improved, or worked on: we see our imperfections and shortcomings and develop humility.

This is a time where we find what’s truly important to us and we build our lives around it, and what no longer aligns naturally fades out of our lives.

On this New Moon, we have a chance to look at ourselves and our reality with new eyes. We have the opportunity to become aware of our next step in our self transformation journey.

Intentionally aligning to the energy of this Virgo New Moon can inspire us to commit to implement adjustments and introduce new habits in our lives. These, with time, repetition, and consistency, have the potential to promote tangible improvements of our reality.

To help and assist you on your journey, to support your next steps forward, we created special New Moon Ritual tools:

Channeled Guided Meditation Audio & Printable 'Holistic Harmony’ Journal with more in depth insights, guidance & profound questions to help you harness the energy this New Moon brings.

May this New Moon hold all of the lessons, blessings, and opportunities that your soul needs during this time.

Sending Blessings & Love your way,

The Moon Omens Team