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Pink Super Full Moon in Scorpio:  Releasing Attachments
On April 26, 11:31 PM ET, we experience the second Full Super Moon in a row, this time in the mysterious sign of Scorpio.

With Scorpio, a Fixed Water archetype, we go deeper: It is natural during this time to feel a strong need, from deep down within us, for change.

We are being invited to go beneath the surface, to uncover what is weighing heavy on our hearts by putting our feelings out there, bit by bit, and exploring our depths.

Our limitations may come to the surface.
We may be confronted with the limits of our personal power and need to open up to exchange with others or seek help in order to deepen our growth.

This Full Moon is about purging, purification, and deep introspection.

During the second half of the lunar cycle, we are encouraged to become more self-aware and release unhealthy emotional patterns, attachments, and coping strategies that aren’t supporting our evolution.

To help and assist you on your journey, to support your next steps forward, we created special Full Super Moon Ritual tools:

Channeled Guided Meditation Audio & Printable 'Releasing Attachments” Journal with more in depth insights, guidance & profound questions to help you harness the energy this Full Super Moon brings.

May this Full Super Moon usher in everything that you’re ready for!

We are infinite love - We are the Angelic Humanity

Sending Blessings & Love your way,

The Moon Omens Team